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Biodynamic Products

Look for the certification marks to be sure you have Demeter Certified Biodynamic® Products!

Demeter certifies a wide variety of products. Certified farms and processors are listed under several categories, below. Demeter also certifies traders. These are companies that import Demeter products from around the world (that have been certified Biodynamic by an affiliated Demeter certifier) and then sell and distribute these products in the U.S. Demeter assures compliance of these imported products with Demeter standards and labeling.


The information below is current, and will be updated quarterly.

Biodynamic® Coffee & Tea

  • Demeter certifies green coffee beans, roasted coffee and coffee blends, and a wide variety of teas, including Egyptian Hibiscus, Egyptian Mint, Green Tea, Vanilla Tea, and White Tea.


Biodynamic® Cosmetics & Personal Care

  • This is one of the fastest growing segments of Demeter products, where the offerings range from herbal body oils and flower essences to steam distilled essential oils and hydrosols.


Biodynamic® Dairy Products

  • Demeter products encompass yogurt, farmstead cheeses and fluid milk -- which is often sold to local organic milk cooperatives.


Biodynamic® Dried Fruits & Nuts

  • Demeter Certified Biodynamic raisins and almonds, and other dried fruits and nuts make excellent, high energy snacks for adults and children.


Biodynamic® Farming & Gardening 

This category includes special educational or demonstration gardens, such as those at Waldorf schools and other educational institutions.


Biodynamic® Flowers & Fibers

Purchasing Biodynamic flowers and fibers has a great environmental impact in that large acreage is managed in an environmentally responsible way. Biodynamic fibers, such as the renowned, luxurious Egyptian cotton used to make baby clothes set the highest possible standard for purity for clothes a baby’s skin comes in contact with.


Biodynamic® Fruits & Vegetables

  • Demeter fruits, along with row crops of vegetables, are often sold at local farmers' markets and through CSAs -- Community Supported Agriculture farming shares. In addition to familiar domestic fruits and vegetables.


Biodynamic® Grains

  • This category includes alfalfa, wheat, rye, rice, oats, millet and other grains.



Biodynamic® Grape Growing & Winemaking

  • Biodynamic wines have been widely acclaimed and have played a key role in furthering the Biodynamic movement in the U.S.  Demeter certifies both wine grapes and table grapes, some of which are sun dried as raisins.


Biodynamic® Livestock, Meats & Poultry

Animals are an important part of the Biodynamic landscape. Around the country, many farmers have dairy herds, beef cattle and chickens. Demeter standards require that animals be fed a ration of at least 80% on-farm produced Biodynamic feed (hay, grain, etc.); up to 20% of the feed can be from certified organic feed from off the farm.


Biodynamic® Processed Products

Demeter has high standards for growing agricultural crops, and also has high standards for the ways the crops must be handled post-harvest and processed. Some of the Demeter processed products include fruit juices, cider, olive oil, bread, jams, preserves, vinegar, pasta sauces, sauerkraut, and more.


Biodynamic® Seeds and Nursery Stock

  • Demeter certifies several seed companies as Biodynamic, and one nursery that sells Biodynamic plant starts. For certification, The Demeter Certification Standards require that Demeter properties must first try to locate Biodynamic or organic seeds and plants before resorting to using conventionally produced seeds and nursery stock. 


Biodynamic® Spices and Herbs, Including Medicinal Herbs

  • Demeter certifies spices and herbs, including some specialty items from the tropics, such as vanilla beans, and also certifies medicinal herbs.


Biodynamic® Spirits

The category includes a variety of spirits, such as Demeter Brandy for celebratory occasions, and alcohol that is used for tincturing medicinal herbs, and making flower essences and other products.